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Android Development

Android Development
Have you ever heard that there are already 24000+ distinct android devices launched by multiple different manufacturers available in the market and it is the largest mobile operating system in the world? Android developers make apps for the Android marketplace, which competes directly with Apple’s app store. Among the most recent developments in Android app development are:

Instant Apps: Even though they have been around for a while, instant apps are gaining popularity. Their purpose is to allow clients to test out games and applications before installing them on their smartphones.
Increased AI and ML Use: We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning regularly on our gadgets. Google Assistant helps us perform several things, for example. FaceApp and Prisma are more instances of AI-based applications. In 2020, Android developers include additional AI-based features such as chatbots and capabilities such as intelligent prediction and voice translation.

Various ways to develop Android applications:

Android applications, including native Android apps with Kotlin and Java cross-platform hybrid mobile apps, are created in many different methods.
Web-based applications with hybrid apps (HTML5, Apache Cordova formally referred to as PhoneGap) (Javascript, React Native, Xamarin, Google Flutter, etc)
Web-based applications with hybrid apps (HTML5, Apache Cordova formally referred to as PhoneGap) (Javascript, React Native, Xamarin, Google Flutter, etc)
Apps tailored to each platform are created in the native app development. Native app developers utilize platform technologies such as Kotlin and Java to activate app features.
The use of a common programming language like Javascript is generated for cross-platform mobile applications typically. Cross-platform development frameworks allow developers to use a common programming language to access device native control and Native OS capabilities. This allows developers to build a code that can be executed on several mobile devices.
The creation of cross-platform mobile apps has grown popular and is an excellent choice for most commercial applications and the initial Minimum Viable Product or Proof of Concept. Therefore, it is a requirement for early-stage businesses and businesses to create a cross-platform mobile app. React Native and Google Flutter have recently become some of the most popular platforms for the native experience of Javascript writing code. For additional information, you can reach us anytime.

We design and build native Android and cross-platform hybrid mobile applications to produce applications that support: