Notice of False Claims Regarding Government Subsidy

We bring to the notice of all concerned that we, that is, MaMo TechnoLabs LLP, have noticed fraudulent claims made by certain individuals or entities falsely representing themselves as affiliated with or having assisted us in obtaining subsidies or seed funding from the Government of India.

Important Points to Note:

No Application or Receipt of Government Subsidy or Seed Funding: MaMo TechnoLabs LLP has neither applied for nor received any form of government subsidy or seed funding from the Government of India or related agencies. We have no active interest in pursuing such financial assistance.

No Authorization for Third-Party Involvement: We have not engaged any external parties, agents, or individuals to facilitate or assist in obtaining government subsidies or seed funding on our behalf. Any claims suggesting our involvement in such endeavors are false and without our knowledge or consent.

Official Channels: All official communications related to subsidies or government benefits will only be conducted through the appropriate government agencies and official channels. We do not endorse or authorise any intermediaries to act on our behalf in these matters.

Our Commitment:

MaMo TechnoLabs LLP is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings. We neither have pursued nor intend to pursue government subsidies or seed funding. We take any attempt to misrepresent our association with government programmes seriously and will take appropriate legal action against those involved in fraudulent activities.

Contact Us:

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the authenticity of any claim related to MaMo TechnoLabs LLP's involvement in government subsidies or seed funding, please contact us directly through our official channels. You can find our official contact information on our website.

Final Note:

We appreciate your trust and support, and we remain dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information to our clients and partners. Please be vigilant, and together, we can combat fraudulent activities.Date: 20.09.2023MaMo TechnoLabs LLP