Services for Offshore Software Development

Cloud solutions, web and mobile software applications, e-commerce, big data, DevOps practises, QA, IoT, and machine learning experts are available offshore.

Mamo Technolabs LLP can verify, transform, and maintain your software development lifecycle:

We offer a thorough assessment of your software resources and software development unintended software flaws.

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We collaborate with your stakeholders to determine the areas that can yield the highest return on investment swiftly and safely.

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We are experts at enhancing your software development teams so that your software products may be developed Team

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We offer skilled, affordable software QA teams to guarantee that your software product services

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After deployment, we can monitor and manage the inventory of software products and swiftly and safely fix unintended software flaws.

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important software engineering subtitles

    • • Stack of current/desired software
    • • Pipeline for software deployment
    • • Configuration of the current software development team
    • • Position descriptions for software development
    • • Support for desired software development

To guarantee that the best software development team strategy is used, our offshore software development team will assess the needs and goals of each client and determine the roles and responsibilities of both sides.


Our Services

8794265 (1)
Full Stack Software Developer

LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
WAMP: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP
JAM: JavaScript, API, Markup MEAN: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS MERN: MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, NodeJS

Front End Software Developer

Basics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Frameworks: React, Vue, Angular,
Webpack Styles:  Bootsrap, Material UI

Back End Software Developer

.NET/.NET Core Python PHP Node.js Ruby on Rails Java(Spring) GoLang

6343022 (1)
Mobile App Developer

React Kotlin iOS Objective-C Flutter Xamarin Swift Android

bb4252c6af5e9776fb87cd02e4e0e6fc (1)
DevOps Engineer

Infrastructure: AWS, Azure, GCP, ELK, NGINX CI/CD
Automation:  Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, Jenkins
Virtualization: Bladecenter, Vagrant, VMWare

Database Engineer

RDBMS: MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres Mongo, Casandra, CouchDB, Elasticsearch
Graph: Neo4j, ArrangoDB
Message Queues:  Kafka, SQS, ZeroMX, RabbitMQ

1875684 (1)
Software Quality Assurance (QA)

Manage project requirements and User Stories in Jira and Confluence Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan

help (1)
IT Help Desk

Support Tickets and Troubleshooting Infrastructure and Tooling Support Customer and Phone Support Windows and Office 365 Support

67d3f7465cadb26999c5e1b32dae90a4 (1)
Data Scientist

Analyze various data (structured and unstructured) using SAS, Python, Excel, VBA and SQL Deliver testing /validation improvement strategies/recommendations

ux2 (1)
UI/UX Designer

Contribute to a wide variety of designs in Figma and InDesign – including interactive wireframes, pixel-perfect UI specifications, graceful user-flows, and carefully architected site-maps

Software Development Project Management

Manage project requirements and User Stories in Jira and Confluence Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan

5169188 (1)
Software Business Analyst

Creation of User Stories and Jira Tickets. Ability to analyze customer and business requirements.

4231946 (1)
Software Technical Writer

Produce professionally accurate documentation and technical breakdowns Maintain high-level documentation security principles. Organize and communicative

SI_SoftwareArch (1)
Software Architect

Develop infrastructure of high-level software programs and protocols Brainstorm and evaluate new, efficient ways to enhance our product and service qualities

Flutter Developer

Maintenance and Support
Performance Optimization
Custom App Extensions

Cloud Assistant

Cloud Infrastructure Management
Cloud Cost Optimization
IoT Cloud Integration

Cloud Specialist

Cloud Migration Services
Cloud Architecture Design
Cloud Cost Optimization


Minimum Viable Product
minimum viable brand (MVB)
Minimum viable co-founder

Other Services

• B2B Appointment Setting
• Digital Marketing Services
• Video Productions
• Marketing Collateral

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