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Software Developer

Career Objective: As a software developer and a problem solver I want to solve as much problems as I can and help your organisation with my knowledge and skills.


Rapid Innovation | July 2020 – Present

Software Developer | October 2020 – Present

  • Worked on Smart Contract Integration with Web3js and Ethersjs.
  • Worked on developing staking contracts.
  • Worked on building custodial wallets and backend of a microservices based app (Tech Stack used: Nodejs, Express.js, GraphQL, React.js) Developing Smart Contracts using Solidity on Ethereum and EVM Based chains.
  • Worked on building the NFT marketplace.
  • Mentored 2 Senior dev for the blockchain developer role.
  • Worked on leading the project from Blockchain front.

Software Developer | July 2020 - October 2020

  • Learnt and worked various technologies like, Typescript, NestJS, Solidity, Ethereum, ReactJS.
  • Helped in frontend and Smart Contract integration.
  • Built a custodial wallet for Ethereum based dApp.
  • Reviewed smart contracts of Uniswap V2 and Compound Protocol.


Built a backend service of note taking app

Built a simple session management for user signup and login.

Tech stack used: Go lang, Gin Framework

Flush (Online Casino)

  • com
  • Made crypto payments system by implementing custodial wallets.
  • Tech stack: Nodejs, Express.js, GraphQL, React.js, Typescript

Elbanco (Personal Project)

  • A decentralized bank app.
  • Tech stack: React, React Context, Typescript, Solidity, Ethersjs, Hardhat.
  • MetaFi (An IGO Launchpad)
  • Built staking contracts and Launchpad contracts to raise funds.
  • Tech stack used: Solidity, Hardhat, Javascript.

PAMP Token


  • Frontend integration using web3.js.
  • Created and deployed ERC20 contract(in Solidity) over Ethereum's Rinkeby testnet for better understanding.
  • Also, learned about Ethereum's blockchain concepts such as writing a Smart Contract and contract deployment, DeFi concepts and how dapps are made.

Royale App

  • Researched about DeFI concepts such as liquidity pool, yield farming, decentralized exchange, wrapped tokens.
  • Gone through contracts of Uniswap V2, AutoFarm, Pancakeswap's Masterchef.
  • Built staking contracts.
  • Used truffle framework and Ganache(local blockchain) to write and test smart contracts.


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Go (Gin)
  • Reactjs
  • js
  • js
  • Graphql
  • MongoDB
  • Solidity
  • Web3js, Ethersjs
  • Hardhat
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